Isabelle/DC: Proof Assistant for Duration Calculus

Isabelle/DC is a proof assistant for the real-time logic Duration Calculus. Isabelle/DC is build upon the generic theorem prover Isabelle.

Duration Calculus was originally developed by Zhou, Hoare and Ravn [1]. DC is an interval logic where time is modelled by the real numbers and boolean functions of time are used to capture the state of real time systems. A concise reference to the foundation, development and properties of the logic is [2]. The development of Isabelle/DC is described in the PhD-thesis of Søren Heilmann [3].


Software for Isabelle/98

  • The software is available here (includes [3]).
  • Supporting software necessary to run Isabelle/DC is Isabelle98 and SVC, a decision procedure for real arithmetic.
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    Søren Heilmann,, last modified:2000-1-17